Vansind: il videoclip in esclusiva!

Con piacere e orgoglio vi presento in esclusiva per l’Italia il lyric video dei giovani danesi Vansind, viking metal band che il 26 marzo pubblicherà l’EP di debutto MXIII. Il lavoro, al momento disponibile solamente in  formato digitale, conterrà tre brani per un totale di circa sedici minuti: qui sotto potete vedere il video di Den Farefulde Færd:

La line-up dei Vansind è composta da sette elementi, ovvero: J. Asgaard (voce), Line Burglin (voce), Morten Lau (basso), Gustav Solberg e Thor Norman (chitarre), Rikke Klint Johansen (tastiera e whistles) e Danni Lyse Jelsgaard (batteria). Potete saperne di più e rimanere aggiornati sull’attività della band seguendo la loro pagina Facebook


A year after the release of the single Valborgsnat is a new release from Vansind. This time it consists of a three-number long EP with the title MXIII. The starting point of Vansinds songwriting is the mythology and legends of the Vikings, this is also present in the title of the EP which refers to the year of the danish king Svend Tveskæg and his looting of England in 1013, and the events following his death.

The EP contains the songs Fra Fremmed Kyst (03:39), Den Farlige Færd (05:23) and Gæstebud (07:14); these songs tells stories of courage, honour, betrayal, abuse, Gods, kings, and maidens, therefore all the dreams of a Viking the night before the battle! With melodic hooks, pumping riffs, and a mix between deep growl and female vocals which invites the listener on board the nearest longship for a journey through the night, full of adventure and shadows hiding in the dark.

Fra Fremmed Kyst is a tale of desperation, and risking everything for the sake of the community, perhaps also what happens if one challenges fate one to many times. Den Farefulde Færd is, like the EP title refers, the tale of King Svend of Denmark whose courage and strength secured him all of England, but also how his sons’ ambitions and jealousy put an end to the king’s visions. Lastly Gæstebudet tell the ancient story of the many faces of war, the meeting between the soldier and the woman, and how it rarely ends happily for either.

As the year 2020 came to and end, like the presence of live music, 2021 was born with new life, and with MXIII Vansind sets sail towards new horizons with mead on board, and joy and hope in their hearts. Take a seat at the oar on the dangerous journey and meet the band in Valhalla during the year, where they plan to invade Copenhagen, Roskilde, Aarhus, Rønne and Odense, just for starters.

MXIII will be released digitally on March 26, 2021.

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